If You Have It, Flaunt It..

I never miss any of your performances, friends, eto palang siguro.. Ohwelllll.. Good luck on your journey and have a safe cruise! #BroadwayAtSea #RWM #TheaterActors #cruise BonVoyage @mikkiebradshaw @yanahlaurel @jillianmari @fredclaw

Cast These A Cappella Brits in Pitch Perfect

This hilarious video of an all-male a cappella group singing Shakira will absolutely make your day!

24hours and still on high with this EPIC concert.. What can I say? Amazingly, beautifully and well-done performances of 35 or 36 theater artists from different theater companies and different ages. Ooppsss but that wasn’t the main star of the night. It was THE RONY FORTICH @RonyFortich ! Yes, a musical director, an accompanist also can have their concert! And it was PERFECT! Mesmerized by the songs from Musicals to Disney’s to OPM (tagalog songs) to original compositions.. I learned things and songs from this one. Swear, this should have a repeat! (Great observation: we were only few younger generation on the audience, then we should spread likeness for this) (photo taken while everyone is singing along on the last song, Measure of Love)

My Heart is filled by so much theater love this July. Every week, there’s so much in store. So far, the highlight of this month is this #DaniGirl. @thesandboxco made its debut show an explosive one. I never left the theater in TEARS (bucket of tears) except for this one. No, it’s not sad tears, but tears of love, appreciation, and prayers. Dani Girl made me realize that my problems are nothing compared to those who suffer much. AND if people who suffer think and stay positive, why can’t we? I mean, let’s support them, pray and be with them.. And now I ask , #WhyCancer? CONGRATS TO ALL INVOLVED! This is one of the bests that you couldn’t dare to miss watching.

Choose your #milk! Yeah, my #breakfast with #nestle :))) #calcium

Miss Saigon: watch the trailer - Telegraph

#delicious and #yummy #Bulacan #delicacy .. Some called it local #buchi . It’s a rice cake with monggo bits inside and with some sweet toppings. Ahhhhhh!!! I can eat these in one sitting. #merienda

Paintings that Look Like Photographs…#2 and 14 Will Blow Your Mind

To Tumblr, Love Metalab