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This song is pure love and sincerity. 

West End-er

Start spreading the news, Im leaving (soon) I wanna be a part of it, London, London!!!!

Cast Of 'The Lion King' Takes Over NYC Subway And Sings 'Circle Of Life' (Video)

At First It Looked Like An Oil Spill, But My Mind Was Blown When They Zoomed In

The most important thing that I have learned about myself in the last 5 years is that I could Love myself, my family, my friends, my profession and my special someone all together at the same time. I can say that my life, my real life jut started for almost 5 years now. I graduated from a course that my parents chose. I NeVER thought of myself being a nurse, but yes, I learned that I CAN and from that moment, I started loving my profession. It’s not for me, but it’s for my family. Because I love them so much! And another milestone for me in the last 5 years is to be able to have a loving boyfriend! Haha, is it a co incidence that we’re turning 5 soon?? I can say that our relationship grows unexpected each day. From our ups and downs, cool offs and break ups, and guess what we are still together until now, haha. I learned that I could share love and happiness with a person whom I least expected to be. But that’s life and that’s how love works. I learned how to value life more in the last 5 years ! #Repost from @9wtonline with @repostapp

I never miss any of your performances, friends, eto palang siguro.. Ohwelllll.. Good luck on your journey and have a safe cruise! #BroadwayAtSea #RWM #TheaterActors #cruise BonVoyage @mikkiebradshaw @yanahlaurel @jillianmari @fredclaw

Cast These A Cappella Brits in Pitch Perfect

This hilarious video of an all-male a cappella group singing Shakira will absolutely make your day!

24hours and still on high with this EPIC concert.. What can I say? Amazingly, beautifully and well-done performances of 35 or 36 theater artists from different theater companies and different ages. Ooppsss but that wasn’t the main star of the night. It was THE RONY FORTICH @RonyFortich ! Yes, a musical director, an accompanist also can have their concert! And it was PERFECT! Mesmerized by the songs from Musicals to Disney’s to OPM (tagalog songs) to original compositions.. I learned things and songs from this one. Swear, this should have a repeat! (Great observation: we were only few younger generation on the audience, then we should spread likeness for this) (photo taken while everyone is singing along on the last song, Measure of Love)

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